Chapter 1: Classification of agro commodities, Code of storage practices (CoSP) for different agro commodities
Chapter 2.  Categorization / Classification of Food Grains – Cereals and Pulses, Sampling – Procedures, Need For Proper Sampling in Food Grains
Chapter 3.  Factors Affecting Storability of Agro Commodities – Abiotic and Biotic Factors
Chapter 4. Storage Pests Detection and Monitoring - Insects – Classification - Major and Minor, Primary and Secondary, Biology, Extent of Damage
Chapter 5. Fungi – factors responsible for fungus growth, mycotoxins - classification, issues related to presence of mycotoxins
Chapter 6. Rodents – Species Causing Damage in Storage, Ethology of Rodents, Rodent Management – Chemical and Non-Chemical Methods
Chapter 7.  Birds – damages and management in storage godowns
Chapter 8. Prophylactic Measures – Need and importance - Non-chemical & Chemical Methods –– Dosage – Precautions – Merits and Demerits
Chapter 9. Need and Importance of Fumigation, Definitions
Chapter 10. Principle of Fumigation, Choice of Fumigant, Factor Affecting Fumigation
Chapter 11. General Information on Phosphine Fumigation, Best Fumigation Practices, Dos and Don’ts in Fumigation
Chapter 12. Signs And Symptoms of Poisoning, Safety Precautions, Disposal of Residues