The changing agricultural scenario of the country has encouraged expansion of agri-warehousing sector with the focus on organized agri-warehousing, the participation of private players and introduction of state-of-the-art technology. Warehousing sector is also becoming important for its role in an environment marked by emergence of concepts like forwarding and futures market, organized retail, efficiently integrated supply chain, National Agricultural Market and the possibility of warehouses to operate as Mandies. The growing warehousing industry has created huge opportunities for technically qualified manpower with the ability to manage different aspects of warehousing such as logistics, supply chains, inventory management, collateral management, etc.

Against this backdrop, an online Post Graduate Diploma in Agri-warehousing Management, PGDAWM-MOOCs has been launched by the National Institute of Agricultural Extension Management (MANAGE), for graduates who aspire to enrich their knowledge in Agri-warehousing Management.   

The course envisages to equip the candidates enrolled in PGDAWM-MOOCs with requisite knowledge and skills required for efficient and effective management of agri-warehouses. The overall objective of the Course is to create a pool of warehouse professionals with capacity to manage agri-warehouse efficiently and to help them have latest knowledge and understanding of related aspects like inventory, logistics and collateral management.